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  1. Karen Soo Hoo

    Ahoy Deb & Joe,

    My friend, Kimberly, & I had a great time meeting the two of you yesterday in Half Moon Bay. It was a pleasure chatting with you. I’m enjoying your website and the crux of your adventures. It’s so great to see you two Livin’Large! That’s what it’s all about. Best wishes as you return to your home in Vacaville. Sadly, you’ll probably be greeted by the heat but I do hope you’ll arrive safely nonetheless. Perhaps one day I can charter your boat to do some deep sea fishing….I’ll bring the lobsters(!) and some “DRAMA”mine. Don’t need anymore “seasick” DRAMA in my life…have had one too many. Best Wishes…Take Care- Karen Soo Hoo (and the New “KID”ney in town).


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